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All the activities

Products development

An issue, a requirement, an idea? After the joint establishment of specifications, a methodology and a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) when needed, 3DLM takes in charge of your products development or of a part, from the functional analysis to the industrialization or...

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Mechanical sizing

Design and re-design a product without checking its mechanical sizing does not allow to be sure of its answer to needs made and to the external effectsit will endure during its life. Sizing can be part of the product development process as well as the verification of...

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Diagnosis and expertise

Diagnosis 3DLM intervene on any mechanical, hydroelectric, metallic structure or any component from this facilities or not, , with difficult and complex access (works at height) or not. The aim is to investigate the dysfunction causes and set up an action plan to...

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Lean engineering

In an extremely strict and competitive context, 3DLM can help its collaborators, to gain in competitiveness. For this, 3DLM proposes to reduce the cost of their products or services by optimizingthem or re-designing them thanks to methods based on Lean engineering 

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Modeling and studies

Relying on its mechanical engineering expertise, 3DLM offers the following services: Basic and detailed preliminary project Feasibility study Technical and economic study Reverse engineering Concept design Basic design Detail design Technical drawing realization...

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