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Mechanical sizing - 3DLM
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Design and re-design a product without checking its mechanical sizing does not allow to be sure of its answer to needs made and to the external effectsit will endure during its life. Sizing can be part of the product development process as well as the verification of the performance of an existing product (reverse engineering).

To meet our client’s various requests, 3DLM intervene in the following calculation phases:

Innovation, design, control, validation, improvement, optimization.

3DLM undertake the following analysis and services:

  • Static calculation for structures and components
  • Materials behavior law
  • Buckling resistance calculation
  • Fatigue calculation
  • Dynamics calculation
  • Thermal and thermo-mechanical calculation
  • Sizing validation of a part or a set of parts
  • Topological optimization (mass reduction according to stress level)
  • Physical prototypes number reduction and mechanical validation deadlines reduction by the analytical and numerical scientific calculation
  • Failure modes forecasting
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