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Diagnosis and expertise - 3DLM
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3DLM intervene on any mechanical, hydroelectric, metallic structure or any component from this facilities or not, , with difficult and complex access (works at height) or not. The aim is to investigate the dysfunction causes and set up an action plan to improve the equipment in terms of performance and reliability.

The provided services by 3DLM are : visual exam, imaged and detailed report creation with recommendations, measurements, degradation degree determination, samples analysis, load hold capacity control. 

Following this expertise, 3DLM can suggest you a complementary study including modeling and sizing. 3DLM can then ensure the enhancement or re-design of the assessed elements and provide you new components that meet your needs and requirements.

3DLM can also install them on site even if access is difficult or complex (work at height)

Technical assistance

3DLM assists you in your projects that needs additional skills of those of your team. Conscious of your needs in practicality, reactivity, flexibility and confidentiality, 3DLM operate on your site as closely as possible of your teams or remotely. 3DLM can lead the project or just take the responsibility of a part.


3DLM also bring its expertise during some missions of engineering advice, of technical document ckeck, of complex numerical model’s design help (methodological support), of specifications’ elaboration help, …

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